• Insulation Contractors Traverse City Mi

Insulation Contractors Traverse City Mi

Pearl works with contractors such as Geofurnace Heating and Cooling, who take care of quality, customer service and solving your problems. We are proud to be part of the Pearl Advantage network. More information can be found here. Our spray foam insulation offers versatility and maximum R-value The insulation team designed to make our homes comfortable and energy efficient is truly a motley team. In the past, sawdust was sometimes poured into walls to slow heat loss. Then came vermiculite – porous light pebbles with the appearance and feel of cat litter. Today, we still rely on an old fiberglass slat insulation made of spun glass fibers. But if you are looking for a star player in the insulation team that is characterized by qualities that other types of insulation can not touch, it must be spray foam. Specifically, we are talking about spray polyurethane foam with closed cells. If you haven`t made that energy-saving investment yet, it`s definitely worth it. Once this is done, there is no maintenance to worry about. An insulation upgrade is a one-time improvement that you will enjoy as long as you own your home.

R-value: Polypulverized foam has a higher R-value per inch than any other commonly used insulation – R-6.2 or higher, depending on the formulation. Air barrier: Spray foam sealed and insulated in a single step. Its ability to expand and fill gaps and cracks makes it an ideal airtight material, and it stays in place thanks to its super adhesive qualities. Spray foam is often selectively applied as an airtight treatment before filling an attic with blow insulation. But when applied in more generous amounts, it can eliminate the need for other types of insulation. Waterproof: Moisture penetrates through fiberglass and cellulose insulation, but spray polyurethane foam stops it coldly. Its closed-cell structure means that water cannot travel from a tiny cell or bubble to a neighboring cell. Foolproof: Did you know that a cavity (lack of insulation) of only 5% of an insulated surface can reduce overall insulation performance by up to 50%? It is very difficult to perfectly install fiberglass insulation, so cavities are not uncommon.

But the expansionist and super sticky properties of spray foam eliminate the possibility of cavities. And once the foam hardens, it doesn`t settle or move like fiberglass or cellulose. Thank you for your time and expertise in installing insulation at our Joel 2 Center. We know that your time is precious and appreciate that you support us in this final phase of construction. We hope to be ready with the Joel 2 Center by mid-March and your time will go a long way towards achieving this goal. If you have an unfinished attic, you`ll be surprised at how affordable it is to seal air leaks between your living space and the attic and improve attic insulation by installing blown insulation. Both energy-efficient upgrades can usually be done in a single day. Insulation in spray foam, cellulose and mineral wool is our specialty. We can turn any room into winter or summer comfort. GeoFurnace`s Grand Traverse insulation is your source of everything to keep your home, business, garage or outdoor building as comfortable as you need it to be. Our experts are located in Traverse City and have worked in over 1200 homes in the area. Whether it`s foam spray insulation, traditional insulation, creep space encapsulation or home performance evaluations, Grand Traverse Insulation can provide the solution! Airtightness should always be done before adding insulation.

In addition to preventing ice dams in winter, airtightness in the attic can help solve other problems such as draft spaces, uneven temperatures, and high heating or cooling costs. Sealing leaks will help your attic work as it should. By first insulating without air sealing, air leaks that need to be sealed (e.g.B. around box lights, drywall to bolt joints, pipe and wire holes, openings around chimneys and duct chains, etc.) are buried under a foot or more of insulation. 
We offer effective airtightness and a wide range of high-performance attic insulation options, including spray foam and blown insulation. Several factors can lead to ice dams, including inadequate attic insulation, poor attic ventilation, and clogged gutters. Alpers Insulation, founded in 1977 by Bill Alpers, is a family business with his wife Virginia, sons Scott, Ron and Randy. We all work together to provide you with the best possible service. Over the years, insulation technology, like everything else, has changed dramatically.

Alpers has kept pace and offers all the common insulation systems used today. Because we have all the major systems and products, we are able to provide you with all the feasible options for your insulation needs. Chipping ice on your roof can cause damage to your shingles. The best solution to prevent ice dams and roof leaks in winter is to properly seal and insulate your home. These improvements pay off thanks to fuel and energy savings, giving you a more comfortable and less humid home. 1-piece foam: You`ve seen and probably used this type of spray foam that comes in pressure cans sold in visitor centers and hardware stores under brand names like GREAT STUFF™. This one-component foam is super sticky and expands immediately after application at different speeds (depending on the type you buy). Because it seals both spaces and insulates, this product is often referred to as an “insulating foam sealant”. 2-piece foam: To insulate an entire basement or attic with spray foam, contractors use 2-piece polyurethane foam, which comes in a pair of pressurized metal containers. When the two components (resin and catalyst) are mixed together at the nozzle, a foaming chemical reaction occurs that causes the material to expand. While a roofer can provide a temporary solution to your ice insulation problem, Grand Traverse Insulation can prevent future ice dams by sealing air leaks and improving the insulation of your attic.

Blown insulation is cost-effective The combination of too little insulation and too much air leakage can waste a lot of energy. That`s why home performance experts recommend that airtightness improvements be combined with insulation improvements. When the airtightness of the attic is combined with the insulation of the attic, it is possible to reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 40%. Wouldn`t you be interested in cutting your “comfort” costs in almost half? We offer all the solutions you need to avoid ice congestion: we work with the biggest brands in the industry, including: Frozen gutters and ice cubes hanging from your eaves are telltale signs of ice dams. An ice dam on your roof can cause damage to shingles, leading to water leaks in your attic and damage to drywall, furniture, and floors in your home. Life in the ice dams of northern Michigan is common. Ice dams occur when roofs are not properly insulated. Pearl third-party certification certifies the powerful features and enhancements that make your home more comfortable and energy efficient. This gives you the opportunity to recoup that investment when you sell or refinance your home. In fact, a recent study shows that Pearl certified homes sell for an average of 5% more.

Ice congestion occurs when heat from inside your attic heats up the bottom of the roof, melting snow and ice on the roof. When the water hits the cold overhang and gutters, it freezes again, forming an ice dam and ice cubes. If ice accumulates near the roof eaves of the roof, meltwater and rainwater are stored behind the ice dam and can escape under the roof shingles and into your home. A water stain on your ceiling is a sign of a leaky roof. Call: (231) 943 – 1000 Email: Click here Visit: 886 US 31 South, Traverse City, Michigan To offer a full range of healthy, high-quality services delivered on time and at affordable prices. We strive to achieve a 100% satisfaction rate from our customers. Is your crawl space usable? Mouldy? Dirty? Not isolated? Many homes in northern Michigan are located on partial or full crawl spaces, most of which are a possibility of energy loss. As usual, these areas that you can`t see sometimes represent the biggest loss of energy in the house and the crawl space is definitely one of them. We all know that air often circulates from the bottom up. In many homes, it starts in a leaky crawl space. Do you just have a quick question? Give us a message and we will try to respond as soon as possible.

Your stove can heat the air up to 100 degrees or more and send it through sheet metal ducts that leak through an attic at 30 degrees. It is inevitable that the heat will reach the attic through which it passes. This means you get less heat delivered to the designated room – so they have to run the stove more to keep your home heated – and it will cost you money. Does your crawl space look like this? Ugh. We can help you make it clean, isolated and back to an editable space. .