• Tesco Mobile Contract Agreement

Tesco Mobile Contract Agreement

If you want to upgrade before your phone contract end date, simply refund the rest of your phone payments. After 24 months, your phone is no longer under warranty. You can cancel your contract after 24 months, but you must pay the usage for the month you are in and the balance of the loan agreement for your phone. Or you can upgrade, but you`ll have to pay the balance of the loan agreement for your phone. Your user contract is a 1-month evolutionary contract. How and where can I find the terms of my contract? If I terminate the contract prematurely, did I need anything else to own the phone? Life is easier when things are flexible Your contract on your terms Do I own the phone for which I signed the contract? If not, when will I own it? Spread the cost of your new phone over a contract term that works for you. No, in accordance with the agreed terms and conditions, the handset remains the property of Tesco Mobile Ireland until you pay all outstanding fees and recurring monthly fees for the remainder of the minimum term. When you`re ready for your next phone, you can upgrade at any time in your contract at no extra cost. Choose your allowance when you join and make it more flexible at any time in your contract. There is no charge to unlock your phone, as long as the terms of the contract are fully respected. If you regularly travel to our Home From Home destinations across Europe and beyond (HFH), calls and SMS to UK standardised landlines, UK mobile numbers, HFH landlines, HFH mobile phones and data usage will be charged as in the UK. Use that goes beyond a fair use policy may incur additional charges. Full details, the current list of HFH goals, fees and conditions can be found under tescomobile.com/terms If you are an Anytime Upgrade customer, your bill consists of your monthly service contract and repayments from your Anytime Upgrade loan agreement.

So, if you plan to leave us, you will have to repay your loan agreement as well as an ETC. Since you have a 1-month continuous use contract, you only have to pay for the use (minute, texts and dates) for the month you are in. You can request your network block code by contacting our customer support team via chat, Twitter, Facebook – click on Contact Medium to get direct links to any contact medium, or by calling our customer support team for free on 1903 from any mobile or landline phone or alternatively from 1749 from your Tesco Mobile handset, which is charged at 20c regardless of the duration of the call. More information can be found here. Yes, depending on when the customer withdraws from the contract, it will be determined what the early termination /cancellation fees are. According to clause 5, the contract form states: “Your contract with Tesco Mobile is subject to a minimum duration (see details above). If you cancel the contract within the minimum period, you must give us 30 days` notice and they must also pay any outstanding fees and recurring monthly fees for the remainder of the minimum term. In addition to the ETC to pay, if you have a mobile phone loan agreement with your airtime contract, you will have to pay the following: Choose the duration of the contract that suits you. And if life throws you a curved ball, change your contract both down and up.

If you cancel your user agreement before the end of your phone contract, you will have to pay the following with regard to your phone loan agreement: Choose a phone contract of 12, 18, 24 or 36 months, depending on your budget Requires a loan agreement for 12, 18, 24, 30 or 36 months at 0% APR and a continuous monthly usage contract, both with Tesco Mobile Limited. Depending on availability and your status. If you terminate your user agreement prematurely, you will still have to pay the outstanding loan agreement fees on your phone, in full or through monthly payments, depending on when you cancel. You can only change your plan once a month. Tesco Mobile Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for its loan offer; No. 723698. Recorded in England No. 4780736.

Registered office: Tesco House, Shire Park, Kestrel Way, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, AL7 1GA. VAT number 815384524 tescomobile.com/terms If your credit agreement is longer than 24 months, your ETC to be used is limited to the minimum duration of your contract, which will never exceed 24 months. In summary: If I terminate the contract prematurely (before the end of the minimum term), do I own my mobile phone? If you cancel your contract after your minimum term has expired, you will have nothing more than the amount you used during that month other than the amount you used that month, as described in When to Cancel. (See below for Anytime Upgrade Flex customers). Unlike other networks, we never raised our customers` prices in the middle of the contract. .