• Highways England Licence Agreement

Highways England Licence Agreement

This licence gives the Minister of Transport legal instructions for the new strategic motorway company in accordance with the powers proposed in the Infrastructure Act 2015. For road safety reasons, we do not allow the reuse of images for special traffic information services in the car. It is the government`s policy to prevent driver distraction and the use of mobile phones and other handheld devices while driving. This is clearly reflected in: it sets out important objectives and conditions for the way in which the strategic motorway company is to act in the exercise of its legal role and functions. Any misuse or misuse detected of our traffic camera images by licensee may result in suspension or termination of Licensee`s access to our traffic management cameras and license between the Secretary of State and Licensee. If National Highways or Licensee becomes aware of any cases where images of Licensee`s Licensed Services or Products are used without permission on third party broadcasts or websites or other platforms, they must notify the other party in writing. If possible, the Secretary of State should contact the third party to inform them of the Crown`s copyright status in the images and the legal requirement to obtain permission to reuse the licensed images. National Highways, formerly Highways Agency and later Highways England, is a state-owned company responsible for operating, maintaining and improving motorways and main A roads in England. [2] It also establishes motorway standards used by the four UK administrations, through the Road and Bridge Design Manual. In England, it operates information services through the provision of road signs and its Traffic England website, provides traffic officers to deal with incidents on its network and manages the provision of improvement programmes for the network. The license is personal to the licensee. Licensee may not assign, encumber, pledge, subcontract or otherwise dispose of the License or any part of the License or its obligations under the License.

Licensee may not grant access to the Images to any third party to develop services or products for Licensee without the prior written permission of the Secretary of State, unless otherwise specified in the License. If the Secretary of State grants the authorization, the third party and its proposed reuse and distribution platforms must be declared and will be registered in a schedule for the license that we will maintain. Licensee may not sell the Images to third parties or charge a fee for the delivery of Images to third parties, unless otherwise specified in the License. Licensee shall refer to the Secretary of State for all requests received from third parties for permission to take images of any of Licensee`s Licensed Services for further use on Third Party Services. If the Secretary of State accepts the third party`s request, the third party and its agreed use and distribution platforms will be registered in an appendix to the licensee`s license. Images from our traffic cameras are protected by Crown copyright. They are provided for reuse under licence with the approval of National Highways acting on behalf of the Minister of Transport under the authority delegated by the Comptroller of Her Majesty`s Stationery Office […].