• Agreement Made by and between

Agreement Made by and between

Many lawyers cling to subordinate grammar rules that would dictate agreements between two parties and between three or more parties. Instead, think metaphorically: Does a multiparty agreement look more like “sand between the toes” or a “disagreement between friends”? Closer to home, we say, “I feel the sand between my toes” and “I floss between my teeth,” although most of us have ten toes and at least as many teeth. It is true that there are usually two interrelated elements; between works for three or more people. But the key word here is “in general.” Style experts Strunk and White recommend, among other things, expressing vague relationships: “I shared the money among my colleagues.” If each element has a relationship with the other, on the other hand, preference is given between “an agreement between the six heirs”. In any case, use enter as a preposition in the introductory sentence and not between or an silly verse (see 1.42), e.B. of and between. Do you want to start a fight between two corporate lawyers? Ask if there is an agreement between Tom, Dick and Harry – or between Tom, Dick and Harry. I was a little surprised when I realized that I never seemed to have written anything on this blog about what I can use between or between parties to a contract, in the introductory sentence, or elsewhere. Here`s what MSCD 2.46-48 has to say: If you think that getting in and between is a useful use of everyone`s time, you desperately need a redoctrinement.

Please go to 14 Five Bells Lane, Nether Wallop, Hampshire, England, with a foil hat on your head, ring the doorbell and say, “I`m here to learn more about active drawing.” So what needs to be done in the world of contracts? The parties to the agreements are more like countries signing treaties than friends who disagree on movies. In a contract, each party has obligations to the other, just as the sand of the beach scratches between each pair of toes. It is generally believed that when talking about a contract between two parties, the correct preposition in the case of a contract with more than two parties is one of them. But according to The Oxford English Dictionary, it is not only permissible, but actually better to use between and not between with more than two parts. The fact that the meaningless distinction between and between the two is generally accepted is a good indication of the state of traditional contractual language. That said, whether you use between or between doesn`t affect meaning or readability, so it wouldn`t be helpful to make it a problem. Use enter into your designs. If a traditionalist insists on this because there are more than two parties, it would be a painless concession to accept this change. If the other party presents you with a draft that uses, among other things, asking for it to be changed between the two would probably bother them.

Posted in Front of the Contract, Selected Usages 4 Comments The Oxford English Dictionary agrees: “We shouldn`t say.. a treaty between three powers.” Nor should we write that “the choice is between three candidates.” .